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Category: Thailand

Ah, sweet Thailand. A seductive siren beckoning travellers to her sandy shores with promises of cheap beer, street food that will blow your mind, and exotic nightlife adventures that you dare not speak of in polite company.

But what about Thailand as a hiking destination, you may ask? Well, dear reader, it’s when you put away your flip-flops, pull up your shorts, and lace up your hiking boots that Thailand truly comes alive as the Land of Smiles.

The entire country is essentially a national park, even the bits that aren’t will still look like one to those arriving fresh off the boat from the UK. There are shades of green in Thailand so vibrant that even Kermit the Frog, tripping balls on a mushy shake, would be impressed.

Trek through lush forests, past wild waterfalls, and encounter fantastical plant and animal species that might leave you feeling like you’re tripping too. After your hike, wind down with a bone-cracking Thai massage or a visit to a serene Buddhist temple.

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