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Category: Malaysia

Malaysia is the quintessential melting pot. The traditions, cultures and flavours of the Malay, Indian and Chinese populations collide and combine in the steamy equatorial heat to create something rather special and just a little bit spicy.

The contrasts continue in the hiking scene. From the dense jungle of Taman Negara National Park, where you can hike the oldest jungle on the planet, to the stark granite slopes of Mt Kinabalu.

Even the ever-expanding concrete metropolis of Kuala Lumpur turns out to be a hiker’s dream where expectations are upended. There are islands of forgotten jungle, hidden pockets of nature scattered amidst the skyscrapers, highways and shopping malls. Yours to be explored.

There are few places on earth where in less than ten minutes you can go from sipping on an ice-cold frappo latte in an air-conditioned shopping mall to face-to-snout with a wild boar on a jungle trail. In KL you can. In Malaysia that’s just a normal day.

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