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Category: England

My dearest England, the land of not-so-high hills, short rivers and shallow lakes. But don’t be fooled by our lack of grandeur, my friends, for this is a hiker’s paradise unlike any other on earth!

It’s precisely because of our humble geography, that exploring the English countryside is such a delight.

You don’t need to be a survival expert to explore here. If you see a mountain, climb it. If you come across a river, swim it. You can explore that wood at the end of the lane without fear of becoming wolf food. It’s all so damn accessible.

Plus let’s not forget the real treasure of England’s countryside, those magical village pubs and cosy tearooms that always seem to appear just as it starts to rain (which it does quite a bit).

But that’s not all! England’s recorded history is a beast all its own. Every rock, nook, and cranny has been mapped and has a backstory or a myth associated with it. Each village, no matter how quaint, has an amateur historian. The wealth of information available for each hike is staggering.

England’s green and pleasant land truly has it all. And it’s there to be explored, for free.

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